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Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Kitchen Declutter

In January I started my kitchen makeover and decluttering. I thought I’d NEVER get it done! So many other ‘must do’ projects crowded in over January and February.

But it’s finally come together and I am so pleased with the results!

I focused on different areas to work on as I could, empting them so I could basically ‘start over’.

I decided I needed to have a working countertop.  So I gathered different containers, such as these Tracy Porter canisters my sister gave me, to keep my most used cooking tools close at hand.

And having my different teas out where I can see them is nice when I go for my evening cuppa.

Pots and pans were sorted thru.  I got rid of several that I didn’t use often, if at all, and picked up a few I did need.  After that all that was left was to put them away neatly.

Well… I did make a hanging rack for my large pans.  So much easier to grab what I need quickly!

Since I use it all the time, my cabinet with my glasses and everyday dishes was in good shape. 

My “company dishes” were rearranged.  In the baskets below them, I moved my placemats and napkins and my dipping bread dishes in the other.  I culled a lot of placemats and napkins since my earlier “Tuscan” red and gold colors don’t work at all with my new dining room chairs.  Now I get to go shopping for a couple new sets.

Each cabinet was worked on to make it easier to use.

Like this one for our baking supplies.

Same process went into working on the drawers... and there was a whole lot of culling going on with them too!

And the last decluttering was for my pantry…

… and refrigerator/freezer.

It is so much easier to work in my kitchen. I didn’t realize how much clutter there really was until I emptied out each space and actually looked at what was in there.

You know… I think I might paint it now…


  1. I like the idea of the hooks for the pans. I am trying to reconfigure my kitchen and that just might work. :) Thanks for the idea!

  2. Lovely, I bet you feel more like cooking now!


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