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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Gift...

When I turned 30 my parents gave me a set of pearls for my birthday. Since there is such a huge range of colors and shades, they let me chose my own. I thought it would be an easy thing. Decide how long of a strand I want and what size pearls.

Pearls are white… so there’s no issue there, right?


There had to have been 30 shades of “white” pearls to look at. And I think I looked for over an hour.

And I selected these… a soft white with a rosy gold overtone. 

It is a beautiful strand of pearls.

A wonderful gift from the sea.

Thanks Dad and Mom… I still love them.


  1. What lovely photos... and pearls are one of my favourite. I love the shots of them with the seashells...a nic juxtaposition....hard to believe where they come from really.

  2. Very pretty photos! Pearls are just lovely, aren't they? I never knew there were that many shades!

  3. OH I love pearls and these are incredible.
    Your photo's are awesome too.
    I'm joining up with RAZMATAZ photo challenge.

  4. Teri, beautiful pictures of a special gift from your parents. You did a wonderful job of showcasing their beauty. Ann

  5. Oooo, I just love the shot of the pearls with the shells. Clever. Kit


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