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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Barn Quilts on a Summer Drive

“Barn Quilts” are becoming very popular and there are many local barns sporting these patchwork adornments. 

Quite a few have been made by my friend K.  (I have my order in for a Mariner’s Compass Star to go up on the shed).

So a group of friends from my Extension Homemakers club had lunch out, then  took a summer drive into the country to look at a few of the barns with K’s quilt blocks on them.

Isn’t this one a show stopper?!  Ten quilt blocks.  (Please excuse the haze from our Southern humidty!)

K arranged that we would be able to drive right up to them in our nice air conditioned cars.  As you can see from the glare off the tin roof – the sun was brutal that day.

Love this old barn!  It is showing some damage from a recent storm.

The bold colors are fantastic.

I really like the patriotic ones too.

Not all ‘barns’ are big.  This tractor shed has its own smaller quilt block.

But it’s the big ones that really shine. 


  1. Very colorful. What does she make them out of?

  2. Beautiful! My husband and I made a barn quilt during the winter of 2010. We had the best time making it. Your friend's quilts are beautiful!!

  3. Teri - these are beautiful. You need to add this to the blog mem Barn Charm that goes up on Monday evenings.
    Or Friday Farm Photo!

  4. Lovely! Had never heard of them before..but would not be surprised if one showed up on our shed :)

  5. That is so cool that you know the lady that does these. Would love to see your Compass Rose when it is finished. They are all so delightful! ~Lili

  6. I've never heard of barn quilts, so cool! My mom makes quilts. I will have to show these to her.

  7. Never heard of barn quilts either. They are no neat! We might need one for our own barn...
    Lovely captures :)


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