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Monday, July 11, 2011

When Losing is Good

Donna over at Funky Junk did a posting about her efforts to shed a bit of the “junk in the trunk” and start leading a healthier lifestyle ( ).  And the comment section nearly exploded.  Seems a lot of us want to dump some decidedly UNfunky junk outta our trunks (as one lady said she "had so much in her trunk, she needed to get a trailer to pull behind!).

So we who are interested are banding together on a Facebook page set up by Donna. We are the Junk Losers. And that is a very good type of loser to be!

For me that means getting OFF my ‘arse’ and getting back ON my eating program. It was working so well until I got lazy. I’d increased my daily fiber up to a minimum of 20 grams a day. I was off of most highly processed carbs (except for the occasion treat of a small tater tots or such). I was drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.

So I’m back in. With my weekly CSA boxes (more on that soon – that is where I get those perilla leaves) and all the local farmers stands popping up everywhere, it shouldn’t be too hard to make up some fabulous meals.

I will get my elliptical excavated from the mess of empting my hobby room and spend proper time on it at least 3x a week – to start. That will be combined with some heavy duty yard work and a lot of moving of furniture and boxes as I do my DIY remodel of my hobby room.

As I thought about the ways to shed junk pounds, I came to the realization that pounds aren’t the only junk I need to lose. I need to lose a lot of junk from around the house and shed. I need to lose some very junky attitudes and habits. And some junky language too.

Uff-da. I’m going to be busy!


  1. Congrats and welcome to the Loser club Teri! :) (I laugh every time I say it) Sounds like you have lots to keep you active! LOVE the idea of getting that elliptical dusted off again too. GO YOU!!

    Here's to our little group offering you loads of support. :)


  2. You have a great attitude Teri.
    I am glad you are sharing this. I hope to get a blog post up next week. This week was supposed to be catch up but then a major storm blew through. Now it is also clean up!


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