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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good Eats: Salumi in Seattle, WA

When I travel, part of the fun is in the planning.  Not only do I have a ton (maybe TWO tons) of travel books, I have a file of “places to go if I get there”.

One of those places I had filed was Salumi ( ) in Seattle.  Several mentions in magazines and a spot on Anthony Bourdain's TV show was enough to get my attention.  The shop is owned by Armandino Batali – papa of Iron Chef Mario Batali.  The elder Batali produces artisan cured meats – salami of many types, pancetta, lomo, coppa and more.  

It opens at 11am Tuesday thru Friday.  Those in the know get in line at least 20 minutes before that. 

If you’re in the top part of the line, you can entertain yourself by watching gnocchi being made.  It was actually rather amazing to watch!

Once the doors open the line moves fairly quickly as everyone packs into the TINY shop.  See that line coming in?  It’s also the way you get out!  What you can’t see is the small dining area at the end of the line.  There is one table that seats 10 and two bistro tables that seat 2 each.  That it!  At the large table, you sit family style except here there is no lingering over your meal.  You eat and you leave so others can sit.  (That’s not saying you have to choke down your food but once you’ve finished – it’s time to go!)

As you wait to order on the inside, there is a cooler full of Salumi meats and dishes to tempt your appetite.

Still not sure?  The board has listed what is available for that day.

And another board has yet more suggestions.  

Himself and I split the cured meat + cheese + olives platter.  It comes with a nice hunk of crusty Italian bread and olive oil.  There were about 7 types of thin sliced meats, 3 types of cheese (also made at Salumi) and a nice pile of olives.  It was plenty for both of us!  

If you’d like some of the delicious salami without making a trip to Seattle, you can order from the web site.  The “Salumi salami” is the most traditional.  Finnochiona is strong with cracked black pepper.  Mole is spicy and has a wonderful depth of flavor.  Those were the three I bought for home.

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