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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Romper Room for a New Generation

While I was up in Missouri I was finally able to watch the babies in their playgroup.  They go at a place called Gymboree ( ).  For us older folks, think “Romper Room” but on steroids!  Wow!  Little Hoss had the first session and it was non-stop from the moment he entered the play area.

There are toys everywhere and they are rigged to be interesting to the kiddos!

Apparently sessions will have different themes and that day’s was “sound”.  Little Hoss loved the drums!  (Watch out Sis!)

He might not be walking yet but he sure was working his way up the climbing wall.  (Watch out Sis!)

Jumping on the bouncer was great fun too.  Just wait til he discovers bed are good for jumping on!  (Forget it Sis!  You’re doomed…he’s ALL boy!)

Working on his slam dunk.

This was so funny!  The kids didn’t quite know what to think of it. 

Pop, pop, pop… going to pop some bubbles!

Little Bird had to wait for her turn in the play area.  Hard to do when you’re only 22 months old.

But once she was in, it was time to RUN!!!  For sure she is a Little Roadrunner!

Hey Bro!  Here’s how you do it!

Steady as she goes…

Yes, she is palming that ball.  Her mama could palm a basketball in 7th grade. 

THAT is why I slept very well that night…

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