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Sunday, July 31, 2011

History and Art: Port Townsend, WA

One of the reasons I went with Himself to Washington State this spring was he had to attend a recertification class and would have extra time before he had to sail.  There was the option of taking the class in Tacoma or Port Townsend.  It was an easy choice… someplace we were at a lot or someplace we hadn’t been before.

We went a full day early to enjoy a special beach day (I’ll write about that soon) plus his class schedule was pretty relaxed.  So we got a lot of sight-seeing in and while he was in class I, of course, was out for more exploring.  

Port Townsend downtown is on the register as a US National Historic Landmark.  It was a thriving late 19th century port town.  Due to several factors, the beautiful Victorian homes that were built during that time have never been torn down for “progress”.  There are so many beautiful buildings.  I spent a few hours just driving around enjoying and snapping a few photos from the car.

And not only are there beautiful homes and buildings… the views are spectacular!

(Excuse all the power lines… I was at a stop sign!)

Wilderness is all around the town and wild life was everywhere… even in the middle of neighborhoods.  She pranced up the street not caring a bit about the traffic. One had to drive carefully!

Of course we spent most of our time near the waterfront.  The docks were so cool. 

I took quite a few photos of the boats.

Not something we get to see every day!

Himself would love to have this bench that looks like a dock cleat.  Isn’t it fun? 

Twice a week there is a marketplace in town.  I was able to go to the Saturday market after I dropped Himself off at his class.  So many wonderful things from produce, to local cheeses, to paintings and other fine arts & crafts and more.  Talk about being in Happyland! 

Of course I came out with a bag of treasures… fresh cheese and bread for our drive back to Auburn, a painting, a rose made of cedar bark, and some lavender sachets.  

There were fantastic artisan shops, great restaurants, museums and exhibits and much more to see.  I would love to go back someday and explore even more.


  1. I am a military retiree and thinking about retiring in Sequim or Port Townsend. Nice post, enjoyed all your photos and commentary. Wondering how Himself responds to being referred to as "Himself"? ;-)

    Scott Roney
    Temecula, CA

  2. Hi Scott,

    Port Townsend is a a nice town. Good mix of 'town and country'. Decent hospital. Ferry port. Not all that far from Lewis and the military benefits of that.

    Himself thinks his nickname is quite funny. He's even got a cap that says "Tis Himself" on it. He also does some writing and I'm "That Woman" (as in "Do you know what That Woman has me doing now?").


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