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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've Got It -- Now What Can I Do With It?

The theme this week over at “Funky Junk Interiors” is “what would you do with this?”.  What perfect timing since I’ve been thinking just that about a few things I’ve brought home.

First is this little shelf I picked up last fall at a yard sale.  For only $2 I knew it needed to come home with me even if I didn’t have the faintest idea what I was going to do with it.

It’s about 4’ tall.  The shelves slide out from the back.

This rusty rail came from the abandoned rail bed below our house.  The rails and ties were removed years ago but there are all sorts of small pieces lying about.  It’s about 5” high and 2’+ long. 

I like the lettering on it.

And this is an old saddle rack I got at an auction for $3.  I was “warming up” my bidding so the assistants would get used to looking my way.  The opening bid was $2, I went $3… and the other person dropped out!  LOL 

However, I think it’s pretty cool looking.  The bottom of the hump is open.  And I don’t want to tear it completely apart – tho I’m up for modifying it.  

So… any ideas out there for what I should do with these 3 things?

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  1. I think the shelf would look nice in one of my spare bedrooms :-)


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