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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Little Hoss Turns One!

I’m just recently back from MO where the family celebrated Little Hoss’ 1st Birthday. It’s been a busy year for him… he’s learned to crawl (in his own way), is walking around furniture, says a few words and continues to live up to his nickname – he is 33 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds!

We have two celebrations of his birthday.  My family comes together on his actual birthday for a private get-together.  A good meal, laughter, a cake and presents.  A few days earlier I snapped a great photo of him at playgroup and we had that put on his cake. 

 It didn’t take long for him to make a grab for it!

However… he is like his big sister and does NOT like the sticky icing on his hands! 

“Gramma!  I want this off NOW!”

Ahhhh… much happier with Grandpa feeding him his piece of cake.  Little Bird is so excited!

After cake our Birthday Boy opened his presents.

Both of the babies wanted to hear their mama read the cards.

Do you think he knew there was a drum in there?

Then on Saturday we had his big birthday bash with lots of family and friends.  Mom came up with these cute clown cupcakes to go with the circus theme.

We had plenty of finger foods for everyone to munch on.

And more presents to open!

One of the hits was the tiny chair my parents got for him (they had gotten Little Bird a very girlie little chair for her first birthday).  Little Hoss’ chair was pure male… a leather recliner with a drink cup holder!  LOL 

Earlier in the afternoon, Sis had his 1 year old photos taken.  The little outfit he’s wearing is made with some vintage looking fabric I found and custom sewn by his paternal grandmother.

Little Bird got an outfit too. 

Sis has started a tradition of having a banner made for each birthday, and has the guest each take a picture with the birthday baby.  I made Little Hoss’ from a circus panel I found. 

We all had a wonderful time.  He’s gotten so big in a year!

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  1. Little Hoss is a lucky boy to have such a large group of family and friends to celebrate his special day.


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