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Saturday, March 31, 2012


I have a small collection of heart shaped rocks.  It’s small because I’m very picky about the shape – a vague triangle shape doesn’t cut it.  Also, either I or Himself must find it.  I won’t buy one. 

I keep them in this tray on the floor by my bedside desk.  (The inside of that tray is in line for a makeover – tiger stripes be gone!)

The first two came from Alaska.  Himself found them and brought them home for me at different times.

This one is basalt.  It is heavy and so smooth.  It feels really good to run your hands over it.  It would make a great massage stone (it and about 10 buddies…). 

I’m not sure what this one is.  I would guess basalt but it is layered with bands of something else.  Many of the rocks in the Aleutian chain look like this.  The white marks are from the paint on the floor of his ship.  It slid around a bit during some rough seas.  LOL

This stone is from the woods at our home.  Tennessee limestone.  I found it as we were walking along a small cut in the hill that used to be a railroad line.  

The next ones came from Colonsay Island in Scotland. 

I think the rings are so interesting on this one.  I found it on the beach near our B&B.

And on the same beach I found this stone.  I love it!  The heart shaped inclusion is a quartzite in an igneous stone. 

The last two heart stones I have came from a beach in Galloway – very close to Sorbie Tower.

I’m not sure what sort of stone this is.  There were MANY stones with this smooth red material going thru them (you can see that it goes thru the stone and is not something on top of it). 

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this one.  A red heart inside a white heart.  The band makes it look like a locket on a necklace!  

As I was writing about each of the stones and where they came from, it occurred to me that they are all from places I love.  Places that have taken my heart.  And those places have given me hearts to take back with me.
Beautiful trade.

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