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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Little More Autumn Inside

  Autumn is my favorite season…probably because it is the end of summer.  I’m a sweater wearing, toasting marshmallows, and crunching leaves underfoot kind of girl.  So I am happily decking the house and yard out for fall.
I started with my fireplace hearth then moved on to the mantel (which I’ll show soon).  But that wasn’t enough.
So I turned my attention to my sofa table.  I didn’t have many fall decorations left… except those for Thanksgiving. 
A bit of folded burlap made a nice ‘base’ to start with.  There were a few silk sprays I put out for color and I covered the stems with a ‘leaf’ plate.  The nuts are from our stash we have for munching. 
I pulled the lantern off the entertainment center (which will be redone soon).  It has a battery operated candle so it gives a nice glow with no worries about forgetting it.  The antelope are wood carvings from our trip to Tanzania. 
Now… what can I decorate next…?

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