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Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Home Improvement" Assemblage

I’ve gotten interested in the art of assemblage (the collection or gathering of things: making three-dimensional or two-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects).  The challenge is in collecting together items that have a relationship to each other, and then arranging them within a set grouping. 
I’ve mulled on what I would like to do for my first piece… would it be ‘beach’ or ‘toys’ or perhaps ‘driftwood pebbles’. 
Then I saw that one of the challenges at The CSI Project for September was “hardware store”.  Now that is a subject I know!  It’s a fun afternoon when I can spend it cruising the aisles of Lowes.  SO many ideas.
And since we’ve moved out to The Sticks… I visit Lowes a lot…
I grabbed a bucket and starting pulling things in my stashes that I have gotten at hardware stores to use on/in our home.  Plus one a recent trip to Lowes I picked up a few more items that had great form or texture.  In the shed I found an old wooden box that Himself had picked up in his Army days.  It was going to be thrown out but he rescued it for me!
I sat out on the deck, gluing and enjoying the cool weather. 
This stuff is heavy so I broke out the E6000 glue.  I’d never used it before.  Folks, make sure you read the directions and use in a well ventilated place…like OUTSIDE.  The fumes can be devastating.  Seriously.  And even if they weren’t, the stink can knock you over. 


I’m pleased with how it came out.  It will be a fun piece to have in my workshop.  I’ve already had a few ideas for companion pieces I can make! 



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