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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Good-bye Forever Weeds!

One thing about living here at The Sticks is that we do not have a lawn… we have a pasture.  A pasture with some of the toughest, most determined weeds you’ve ever seen.  These weeds laugh at even the best weed cloth I could find at the big box home improvement stores.  I would have to rip out the old weed cloth every year or two and replace it.  That was getting expensive -- to say nothing of how aggravating it was!
The worst area is the north side of our house.  The street side of course.  It’s the area where they backfilled from building the house and the rocks are starting to work their way up thru the thin overlay of soil.
Mowing in there is downright scary!
A double layer of weed cloth and 6 inches of wood mulch only slowed those weeds down for a couple months.
But… I think I’ve found my solution from the ReStore!
A few weeks ago there were pallets and pallets of some sort of rubberized tarp sitting along the building.  I found out it was basically just that…rubber tarp.  It’s what they use when roofing flat top buildings.  Those pallets held the edges that had been cut off.  And they were only $20 a pallet (about 3.5 feet high).
I brought home TWO pallets.   It took two trips to do so; this stuff is majorly heavy.  This is what one pallet worth looks is like.  It's about 3 feet high in the middle and stretches about 8 feet out.  Both sides are the same, just one is dark and the other side is light.
It only took one pallet to do this large area plus a 25x6’ area along the sidewalk (pics on that makeover later). 
I’m going to have some more gravel hauled in when it gets cooler.  A friend will use his tractor to move it to the tier and spread it out.  I used the light side up so that there will be less contrast when I get the white gravel spread on it.
I still have one more tier to do (to the left of this photo).  It’s a narrow wedge shape and won’t take much at all to do.  But I need to also be ready to trellis that wisteria you can see in the bottom left of the photo. 
A good job for Himself when he gets home!
You know… maybe I should go get another pallet of it…

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