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Monday, September 9, 2013

Rock On!

My herb garden has really taken off (this is last year's photo).  So much so that I have to ‘recalculate’ the set-up.  But that is for another post.  There’s been one area that has been hard to maintain… and it doesn’t even have any herbs in it!
It’s the area that leads up to the water spigot.  Last year I mulched it with the same cedar mulch I used around the herbs.  Nothing is planted there because it would just be messed up by the hose when we use it. 
Himself dug down and set the paving blocks.  Thought we had that area taken care of.
Well, not so much…
Seems that is the exact place where a wind eddy drops leaves.  And when I raked them out, it pulled the mulch out too.  Plus the sides needed to be a bit lower to keep the mulch from moving.
I really liked the look of the river stones Himself put under the spigot.  So why not use them on the sides too?  So I removed the mulch and put in fresh weed cloth. 
Since I like the look of the stones under the spigot I bought 6 bags of ‘egg rock’ at Lowes.  Three bags on each side and I now have a new look for my herb bed!


  1. Looks great! I love the look of river rock. I have a similar hose area that needs something like this.


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