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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gotta Tell You About…

I don’t do product reviews for compensation.  I do one when I find a product that I am impressed with.
One such product was the Bissell ‘Perfect Sweep Turbo’.  I had been wishing for something lighter and faster to use than my Dyson vacuum (which I do love).  I happened to cut thru the vacuum section in Wal-Mart one afternoon and decide to check out the mini vacs.  Ended up spending about a half hour studying the different products… and came home with the Bissell.
Then it sat in its box for another week while I debated if I really needed this impulse item.
Finally decided to give it a try…
Folks, I love it! 
One of my favorite features is that it’s cordless.  Once you start, you can keep moving.  I can do a tidy-up of the entire house in about 10 minutes!
This isn’t a product to replace a regular vacuum.  But for one of those ‘someone’s dropping by’ times… it’s brilliant!  It does a good job with surface dirt on wood or carpet.  However, if it is along a carpet edge it’s not so good with the uneven surface. 
Other points I like about it is that it goes flat.  I can get under our low bed or the couch with it.  The handle comes off leaving a short handle for using on the stairs.  That’s convenient.
How much do I love it?  I gave one to my Dad for part of his birthday present! 
Dad… what do you think of it? 

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