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Saturday, September 7, 2013

An Autumn Hearth

For several years I have wanted to do a wee bit of decorating for the seasons.  The problem was that I like the way I have things and couldn’t figure out what I wanted to redo so I could change it up regularly. 
It finally occurred to me that my fireplace hearth was looking tired.  I’d taken the plants usually sitting on it outside for the summer and all there was to look at was two empty containers and two candelabras. 
Talk about boring.
At the same time I was being totally discontented with my fireplace, many of my art challenges are featuring autumn themes...and still life vignettes are a form of art.  And with that, the decision was made to have my fireplace be my seasonally decorated area.  I started with the hearth since it needed the most help.
While September can and is still miserably hot, it heralds the beginning of autumn.  And autumn – for me – runs through Thanksgiving.  I headed out to the shed and brought in my tub of fall  decorations. 
First thing I did was to wrap some white Christmas lights around the driftwood I have sitting in the fireplace.  A mirror placed behind the logs ……..
The blue runner was replaced with a linen runner.  The metallic thread details in the leaves pick up the colors in the metal containers. 
Some silk mums perked up the containers.  I added some moss to fill in around the stems. 
I pulled a drift board from my stash to set candles on.  The candles came from my stash also. 
I’ll be working on the mantel in a bit.  There are a couple of projects I have to finish for it.  You will see more about those later this month.
(The above is the inspiration photo for this week.)
(Any creative/art project using orange)
(The word is "autumn")
(The challenge is to use something that flickers - in this case, candles and light strings)


  1. What a beautiful mantel! Thanks for playing at Inspired By.

  2. Teri, your hearth turned out beautiful and very autumn looking! I love the Christmas lights inside. You did a great job.

  3. What a warm beautiful little place in your room. Great shot!Thanks for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)


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