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Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo Album for August

Here are the photos from August that that didn’t make it into a blog.  I didn’t do much shooting last month or blogging.
When you wake up early, you can see all sorts of things.  This little spottie was strolling along my driveway with her mama.  Taken thru my bedroom window (and screen) it was terribly humid so I had to filter it…which is why the grass looks so weird.  But isn’t she cute?  Later on her 8 point daddy was out there but I didn’t have the camera ready.
I was experimenting with shooting thru an old screen window.  I like the texture it added to this photo. 
Faces in a cloud…how many do you see? 
Isn’t this a great sitting area?  It’s outside a bead shop in St. Louis.  That gives me a lot to think about…
When I first saw this I was wondering what ambulance district was so poor they had to use such an old rig.  Then I saw the ‘antique’ license plate.  Nice restoration!  (Don’t worry… I just set the camera on the dash and click – then clean up the messy photos in Picasa when I get home.  I wasn’t as close as it seems either and no other cars were around me.)

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