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Monday, September 23, 2013

Frugal Doings: Learning to Can

I have wanted to learn to can jelly/jam and pickles for a long time, so when I heard that Mandy was offering a class I jumped on it.  She’s well known for the delicious jellies she sells in Clarksville. 
The class was held at her home…a home that happens to be a Bed and Breakfast.  ( ).  This is why we started the class with this delicious breakfast.
Mandy…you’ve ruined me for other classes!
After breakfast it was time to get busy.  First lesson: pickles.
Soon we were elbow deep in cucumbers…
…and green beans.
There were a lot of jars to pack. 
Garlicky pickling spice heated on the stove while we filled the jars.
Green bean pickles: in hot water and out.
I am looking so forward to opening my jar when Himself gets home.  We tried some that Mandy had done earlier and they are very good.
Grandmother’s secret:  put a grape leaf on top of the pickles to keep the cucumbers from scalding when the hot vinegar is poured in.
We did jars and jars of cucumber pickles.
With all the boiling the kitchen was pretty steamy.  I think when I do mine next year, it will be in the evening as it is cooling down for the day. 
Next lesson was grape jelly.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was! 
Processing the jars to sterilize them. 
We cooked down peaches to make preserves.  You have to skim that foam off. 
Finishing up. 
My first cannings!  I’m looking forward to trying different blends with my jams and jellies.  I think I’ll try making persimmon preserves this fall (if we get a bumper crop like we had last year). 
I wonder what persimmon and ginger would taste like…


  1. How enteresting and yummy food later to eat at own lesure .

    I used to do all that when my kids were small. How I did it.
    it was known back then. The garden and to preserve. Healthy as can be. My mom taught me. Even chilly sauce. Now it is all back in. My son has a garden. Family is doing what your doing.

    It was alot on your feet standing. As you will notice . All part of it. The results were a good feeling though right.

    I did the jam, pickles, the pickled eggs, The whole nine yards.

    So good for you and at a B.Breakfast learning place.

    Hands on perfect.

    Have a great week.

    How cool is that.

  2. I really miss canning. I used to put up green beans, tomatoes, pickles, beets, jams, peaches, pears, applesauce and so many other things. Yes, it took up most of my summer....but the feeling you get in the winter when you go out and get your own jar of ?? so worth it!!! We don't have enough room to grow a garden, anymore. Sure miss it!!


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