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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Magic House of St. Louis

As I mentioned in the post about Little Bird’s birthday, one of the places we visited was The Magic House in St. Louis (  ).  It is a HUGE complex just for kids to explore and play in.  It is broken into different themed sections… some appropriate for only one age group and other can be fun for everyone.
We wandered from exhibit to exhibit for several hours and didn’t see everything.  It was Little Bird’s day so we went where she wanted to go…kind of like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower.
The first area we visited was the Lewis and Clark Adventure.  She was a bit young for that, tho there are ‘dress up’ clothes she might have liked.
Where we spent a lot of time was in the Children’s Village.  There are SO many ‘shops’ where they can pretend. 
Pretend to drive a delivery truck…
Pretend to be a vet…
Pretend to be a pet shop owner…
Pretend to go fishing…
Caught him!
Pretend to be a mechanic…
Pretend to go grocery shopping…
Pretend to be a clerk…
Pretend to serve ice cream cones…
And we didn’t hit all the areas in the Village!
As we crossed into a different section, Little Bird dropped to the floor and stared in fascination.  What was she looking so hard at? 
A little mouse house in the wall!  No wonder she was so intrigued.
Next stop was Water Works where she put on a smock for water play. 
The water puzzle is pretty clever!
The special exhibit is called “Once Upon A Time”.  It features scenes from various folk stories.  Little Bird is climbing the bean stalk to slide down the other side.
Music Play-Play Music is fantastic with all sorts of unusual ways to make music. 
She had a grand time with the revolving chimes.
I’m not sure what this area is.  Those shape puzzles are pretty cool tho.
Both of the kids adore bubbles… and a whole room of them is happy time.  There are all sorts of activities… like creating different bubble shapes.
Then blowing them out when you’re done!
There are a few very ‘boy’ areas that Little Hoss is over the moon about.  Of course Bird doesn’t care a bit about digging with front end loaders and dump trucks.
There is even a café so you can break for lunch, then get back to playing.  And like I said, there is way more in The Magic House than I have shown!

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