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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Overnight Kidnapping to Lylewood Inn B&B

For quite some time I had been planning a ‘kidnapping’ of Himself for Valentine’s weekend.  This time we stayed local… heading out to Lylewood Inn B&B ( ) in Indian Mounds, TN.  It is owned by Mandy Williams.

I had found out about the inn this summer when I started buying those wonderful CSA veggie boxes from Mandy.  And it was at Lylewood I took the canning class.  

To get there, I brought us around the route via the Cumberland City ferry. 

It was a short but fun ride.  Himself enjoyed talking to the ferry captain, who was working the deck to give the hand some training time ‘driving’. 

Next stop…

Lylewood Inn.

We headed up to our very pink Valentiney room to put our suitcase away.  

Relaxing in the prime spot in front of the fireplace.  

Mandy had a goodie basket for us.  Fresh baked sugar cookies, homemade candies, and biscuit mix and jelly for later.  

We had another little ‘goodie’ in our room.  Mandy’s opinionated calico knew cat people when she saw them and was in our room any time the door opened.

We had about an hour before supper, so we headed out to explore the grounds.  

Love this swing!  I might try something like this for our yard.  

This swing is fun too.  The rope is one long piece, coiled around the tree’s branch.  I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not…

However, most of our time was spent this way…

…throwing sticks for Gabby.

She could have done this ALL day.

“Keep away” was another game of the afternoon.

And “tug of war”… when Himself could get the stick.

He’d spin her around so fast her feet were off the ground; her tail was going like a chopper blade.  

After quite a while of this we headed back inside to warm up.  The gathering room is cozy with a fireplace and all sorts of games to play.  We played a few rounds of ‘Blokus’.  Fun game… I need to buy it.

Finally it was time for dinner in the romantically decorated dining room.  

Audrey, Mandy’s daughter, dressed in period clothing to serve our meal.  

The menu for the evening.

Fried banana peppers and homemade chips and salsa.

Chicken Cordon Bleu, fried green tomatoes, glazed carrots, and home canned corn.  

We finished with blackberry cobbler. 

Oh my goodness… we were stuffed!  We weren’t sure if we’d even be hungry the next morning.

But come 8am we followed the wonderful aroma wafting up the stairs to the breakfast table…

…where we promptly stuffed ourselves again! 

It was a great get-away.  If you are ever in the Clarksville area I can highly recommend a stay at Lylewood.

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