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Monday, March 10, 2014

A Wee Star is Born

Our latest trip to Missouri had a bit a drama.  Very good drama!  Little Bird was asked to be a part of a high school play…at age four!  So up we went for the big night.

We ordered a bouquet of flowers for our wee star and gave them to her before we left for the theater.  By the time we were to get home it would be past her bedtime.  We wanted her to have some time to enjoy them that evening.  

Once there, we waited for the show to start in our first row seats.  Little Bird is studying the program to find her name.  

The show was “The Music Man”.  The young man with the suitcase had the lead roll and was excellent.  

Second or third song and it was time for Little Bird’s début!  The number was “Ya Got Trouble”.  She had been practicing for weeks.

She did so well with keeping in character!

But sometimes the fun just popped out!  LOL

She reacted to what was going happening in the scene, really getting into it.

Sometime even better than some of the high schoolers.  In fact, she did so well the drama teacher has invited her to be a part of other plays in the future.

Yep… I think the drama bug has bitten!

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