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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Dreaming

Now I am sure Spring is really on its way; I’ve been to the Nashville Lawn and Garden show!  Every single year we try our hardest to make this exhibition.  

I mean really… how can you not love walking thru the door to this?

Or this great backyard fireplace?

Or this shabby chic secret garden?

Have a stump?  Turn it into a fairy house!

Love this ‘tea party garden’!

The landscapers go all out with their displays.  

I get a lot of ideas I can use for my yard.  With all the ice storms this winter, I have a major supply of tree trunks to make planting beds.

Some ideas I just dream about…

…and some ideas I might just be able to tweak into something I can do.

I like this homemade lattice work.

But this wine bottle fountain is a bit too ‘Disney’ for me!

Himself caught me getting ready to snap a photo.

An amazing lawn swing.  It would take an engineering degree to make the stand but I think I could pull off the swing itself.

This would be cute on the porch… if I had me a porch.

There is always a nice display of orchids. 

They are so lovely.  A couple years ago I picked up an orchid at Whole Foods and it lasted thru last fall. 

Another regular display is the floral arrangements.  This year’s theme was “Wine and Roses”.

The arrangements are just brilliant.  I think my favorite was the red pouring bottle.  So clever!

And of course there are tons of beautiful flowers absolutely everywhere.

And a few strange plants too…

Anyone have any idea what this tree/plant is?  
(Edit -- I found out it is called a Monkey Puzzle tree.  Looks like a pine & thistle hybrid to me!  LOL)

Then there was shopping…

The man section was full of dreamers.

And tire kickers.

There were a half dozen dealers of metal art with items ranging from elaborate and elegant…

…to very simple and cute.

There are plenty of food vendors to tempt hungry attendees.

This one got our attention.  Himself liked the Tuscan Vegetable and I like the Sundried Tomato Bacon best. 

This booth of garden bird silhouettes caught both of our eyes.

They were nice.  They can be ordered at  

A few different ways to use the ‘tilted pot’ idea.  

Little Hoss would love this!

One booth was full of things for making a lovely fairy garden.

Other booths offered plants…

… of all sorts.

Himself with his treasure of the day; a decoration for his bird garden.

We came home with a few treasures.  I bought some hardy prickly pear and a striped yucca for the cactus garden we’re putting in this spring.  There was a give-away of red bud saplings so we each got one.  I found some scented geraniums for 3.50 each – three different ones jumped into my bag.  And I came home with one of those cute metal dragonflies (they were only $5!). 

The thing I came home with the most of was all sorts of fun ideas to try in the yard this year.

Bring on the warm weather!

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