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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Like Spiders and Snakes!

Last weekend Himself and I made a trip to Franklin, TN to go to ‘Repticon’, or aka the reptile show.  It was pretty amazing.  There was just about any reptile you could think of… and some you’d never dream of!  (Except turtles.  There wasn’t a turtle in the building.)

Interested in a snake?  There were hundreds; from tiny to huge.

Spiders too.

Lots of lizards.  How many can you see in this photo?

You could get up close and personal too.

I think that python goes quite well with Himself’s shirt, don’t you?

I made a new friend!

It was so hard not to bring this little beauty home with me.  I’ve always like bearded dragons.

Seriously…who could resist that smile? 

Let me share the just a few of the stunning creatures who were at the show.  First the bearded dragons.  

Besides the pretty girl (first photo) there were several other varieties.

There were a lot of chameleons.

Love that red one!

There were plenty of geckoes too.

But I didn’t see any from Geico! 

This little guy is a ‘knob-tailed gecko.

In fact, there were many, many types of lizards.

We used to own an iguana we named Zorro for the masterful way he could lash his tail.  He pretty much looked like this one.

A tegu is another lizard I’d like to have.  Isn’t that gold color amazing?

So many lizards!

And if you think there were a lot of lizards, which was nothing compared to the snakes!

Amazing, eh?

See this pretty pattern?

It belongs to her.  She is a bit smaller than the reticulated python I took care of in college.  Sheena was about 12’.  I’d carry her pretty much like this when I cleaned out her cage…except she’d have a wrap or two around my waist.

Are you more a frog type of person?  Plenty of those to see!

Cute little tree frogs.

Ornery Pac-Man frogs.

And beautiful poison arrow frogs.

Or maybe your favorite movie was Crocodile Dundee…

This little caiman might be perfect for you!

We certainly got our reptile fix for a while.  …Though I did get the info from the table with my bearded dragon…  ;-)   

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