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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Who Would Have Thought It?

I am constantly amazed at the things on Pinterest.  It could be art… nature… home décor… just about anything.  There is so much I’ve created a board called “Cool Things”. 

Here are a few pins from that board you might think are amazing too.

These tiles change color with the temperature.  It’s like being inside a mood ring!

Now is this not a fun way to store fruit? 

I want these ice cube trays! 

Who’s up for a ride in a glass boat?  I am!  I’d love to take this out on the lake near our house to see what’s in there.

Fun!  (The price… not so fun…)

Absolutely the best snow gauge I’ve ever seen. 

OK, is this not the best bed you’ve ever seen? 

Beautiful.  Scrap metal artist fascinate me.

Another stunning horse.

I could see this bookend set on my shelves.

“Alice Through The Looking Glass”.  Perfect!

This makes me want to get another hermit crab.

Awwww… baby octopus! Even they are cute as babies.

I’d take the keys to this!  Best paint job ever.
Fun stuff, eh? 

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