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Monday, March 31, 2014

March in the Rear View Mirror

(In like a lion...)

What a busy month this has been! 

We started the month with our trip up to MO.  Little Bird was in her first play at 4 years old… the high school production of The Music Man.  She had a blast. 

Spring cleaning is DONE!!  I even got all the noncoated wood pieces oiled… lemon oil for furniture and olive oil for wooden kitchen items (cutting boards, etc).  So now I am back on my regular cleaning schedule to keep things looking good around here. 

We finished our work in the garage.  It’s so much easier to get things done in there now.  However, we had to take a hiatus on the shed, due to a combination of cold nasty weather (I’m not going to work out there when it’s freezing.  No way.) and a bunch of other commitments.  Shed work has been rescheduled for the first few days of April…weather permitting.

Also April will be clean up the yard month.  We’ve had several ice storms this year and there are soooo many little branches (and a tree!) on the ground.  Planting beds need attention too so we can start planting in May. 

Several times we had company in March, including some overnight guests.  Plus we were invited to a new friend’s home and had dinner out with our Sunday School class.  That gave us some fun breaks in our routine. 

Other fun things we’ve done include a couple of classes at Whole Foods, a book binding class for me, the reptile show and a couple of lectures. 

Nothing dull about this March!  And April is already looking exciting…  

(...out like a lamb!)

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