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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pass The Lega Tibs Please! Mesob Restaurant in Nashville.

Last month Himself and I found out our favorite Ethiopian restaurant had been sold, and it wasn’t good anymore. 

After a bit of research I found a different restaurant that seemed to have good reviews.  Last night we had an event in Nashville so we decided to try this new restaurant out. 

The restaurant is called “Mesob”    .  The name comes from the word for the ‘basket’ thing that is their traditional table.  What is funny is that the restaurant is name “Mesob” but they don’t serve on them!  

This is what a mesob looks like and how it is used.  The food is sitting on injera pieces, which it the Ethiopian bread.  

Here is the restaurant… very ‘normal’ looking.  

To try things out quickly, we each ordered an entrée, plus a vegetable combo.  From the top going clockwise: yellow split peas with garlic, ginger and turmeric (yeater kik alicha we’t); collards with onions, green pepper & garlic (gomen we’t); potato & carrots; cabbage with garlic, ginger, & carrots (Tikle gomen); lega-tibs – beef sautéed with butter, onions, tomato, hot pepper, & rosemary; red lentils cooked with spicy (very) berbere sauce (yemisir kike we’t); beets with garlic and ginger (qey sir); and in the middle I’m not sure what it was… lentils with, I think, horse radish and I’m not sure what else.  It was pretty hot.  

Himself’s doro we’t (spicy chicken and hardboiled egg cooked very spicy berbere sauce) and ayib (Ethiopian farmer’s cheese) to cut the heat. 

Was our meal good?

Yep!  We had very, very full tummys! 

We’ve got a new Ethiopian restaurant to go to!

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