Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas... and more Christmas...

Christmas was different this year.

Sis and Big J took the kids to Florida over Christmas week... therefore the family celebration was on hold for almost a week.  The little ones had a blast in their beach front condo, the swimming pool was right outside their door and the beach just a little bit farther.

So our Christmas day was quiet.  The only decoration we put up this year was our nativity village.  (Next year I plan on having EVERYTHING out).  We had lunch at a friend's home and our own little celebration that evening.

The kids and family came home the Monday after Christmas, so Tuesday was the big day!  Little Bird and Little Hoss had presents to open both at home and at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Ready for Round One!

Little Bird and me looking at one of the 'ponies' that were her gift from us.

Our gift to Hoss was a set of John Deere 'muddin' tractors.

There was laughter, chaos, food, presents -- family.

Good stuff.

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