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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

GO! Club: Giving Back

Back in October when we went Operation Christmas Child shoebox shopping with the kids, they had so much fun they wanted to do more.

Alrighty then!

Himself and I brainstormed on how we could do something each time we visit.  We got the idea to do a mission project each time (when we come up, we always have a day with the kids while their parents head out for a 'date day'.)

The four of us are our own club... the GO! Club (GO... God's Opportunities).

Before hand Himself and I find some things we can give goods to (money concept is still fuzzy with them).  Then we have a 'meeting' and discuss what we are going to give to this time, why they need assistance, and who it will be helping.

They ask amazing questions.

Our first giving was in November.  The Jefferson County Rescue Mission was getting stocked up on items for their Christmas food boxes.  I called ahead to find out what they were short on so we could get what was most needed.

At the grocery store Little Bird and Little Hoss picked what flavor they each wanted to donate, and counted out their portion (gotta get some educational benefits in this too!).

Then we delivered it.

I was amazed and grateful at how the staff reacted to the donation.  I had explained that this was a project we were doing with the kids -- and they treated them like they were adult donors!  Thank you's were directed to them (with winks at us) and then they were offered a tour of the facility!  The gentleman talked to them at a level they could understand and answered all their questions in a gentle way.

We'll be coming back there...

Then came December... and the Missouri flood.

This time they wanted to help the displaced pets.  ALL God's creatures, don't you know.

The area Humane Society was taking pets of people who were displaced and boarding them until the family could come back to get them.

We headed to Walmart to get dog food, cat food, and cat litter.  We talked about why we were not going to buy the cheap stuff (upset pet tummys).  Then they dragged out the supplies and loaded the buggy.  Uncle Himself helped when needed.

We drove over to the donation area where they off-loaded their donation.  Once again the person receiving our donation was wonderful in their response to the kids.

I wonder what we'll be doing next visit!?

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  1. I did the same thing with my kids in the Flood of 1993. A friend and I had a garage sale (with our kids selling soda and chips). The Red Cross was asking for monetary donations, but I knew donated 'things' would be more tangible. If I remember right we got diapers and toys.


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