Friday, January 8, 2016

Kitchen Cactus in the Urban Jungle

I'm trying to have plants all through the house.  But they have to meet certain specs...

1.  They have to be tough.

2.  They have to be interesting (more or less).

3.  They have to be cheap!

This is my little cactus dish I've been working on for my kitchen.  There's a 'dead' space near the microwave that is perfect.

Picked up these recently at Walmart.  Seriously, Wally World has some of the most abused cactus ever.  First there were those dyed one I showed a while back... wouldn't take 'em if they were given to me.  

However, these weren't quite so bad.  They just had a dried straw flower glued to them so it would look like they were blooming.  (That feels so dishonest to me...).  Apparently a lot of people thought that because there were many flats of them marked half off.  A pair of needle nosed pliers took care of the 'flower' issue!

It's starting to look cute.  One or two more orphans and it will be done.


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