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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Where Do 'Grumpy Old Men' Eat?

After our adventure at the Eagle Center, we were decidedly hungry!  And our cousins had made plans for that too.

Remember the movie "Grumpy Old Men" starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon?  Well it was based on the area around Wabasha and there really is a Slippery's Bar (and restaurant).

"That Guy" and Himself...a pair of Grumpy (hungry) ol' men!

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau... too funny.

Let's eat!

A peek at the menu.

I decided to have the daily special, roasted chicken.  It was great.

That Guy had the 'Slippery Burger' ... which was a big and juicy handmade patty.

As we left Slippery's, we had to smile as we watched this man fish.  Would he be out there when the river froze?

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