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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ring Holder Frame

I saw a darling little DIY ring holder a while back on Pinterest, just what I needed.

You start with a small decorative frame.  That is an easy one for me, I'm a bit of a frame addict.  In fact, my friends have permission to remove any frame I put in a shopping buggy.

I pulled this frame from my stash and removed the glass.  I then cut a piece of scrapbook paper to size, then put the back on again.

I didn't have a little hook or peg that worked for me, so I twisted some copper wire into a free-form heart shape hook.  I punched a hole through the backing, and gave it a heavy load of hot glue so it won't move.

Here's the finished piece.  

It would work well next to the kitchen sink but make sure your paper background is laminated so splashes don't ruin it.

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