Monday, January 25, 2016

Incredible Norwegian Folk Art and Handicrafts

Coming home from our Minnesota trip we stopped in Decorah, Iowa to visit the Vesterheim (Western Home) Norwegian-American museum.  A friend had recommended we make the stop and Carol was oh-so right.

There was so much to see that we are going to have to stop again some day.

The museum covers just about every aspect of life on the early 'frontier' as lived by the Norwegian immigrants.  The portion that absolutely amazed me were the outstanding folk art pieces.  Talk about making everything beautiful...

Like the embroidery:

Are not those some amazing gloves?


I love that red and black shawl.

I could never gather the patience to do bobbin lace.

I love this little loom and what it does.

Here is the room where I positively swooned.  I adore wool sweaters.

Besides textiles, there were many other wonderful handiwork's.

Years ago I took Rosemal painting classes.  Never got this good...

These chairs are made from a single log.

Even their 'irons' are gorgeous!

Figure carving is a big pastime.  I guess with those long dark winter nights it would be an excellent hobby.

Or course my favorite are the dahl horses.

Evolution of a dahl horse... from blank to finished piece.

There were so many different styles.

Traditional to modern.

These are fun.

Thoroughly modern.

And here's a realistic Dahl horse... a Fjord pony (think of Han's horse Sitron in "Frozen").

I like the life carvings.

This one is Himself's favorite.

Not all the carving were pocket sized!

This painting I would hang in my house!  Beautiful.  I would love to see a big Northern Lights display.

If you are near Decorah, Iowa make sure you carve a few hours out of your schedule for a visit.  It is well worth it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I loved the painting!!
    Broke my arm and smashed my wrist over the holidays so am pretty much housebound for a few months. Love visiting blogs even more now.


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