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Friday, June 25, 2010

Buy Resale...Not Retail

I love sniffing out a good deal. Buying resale can save you some big bucks… as long as you only buy what you can use! Check the item VERY carefully for “issues” that you can’t live with or fix.

I don’t have much time for most “antique” stores as they seem to be filled with downright trash at treasure prices. Thrift stores are a favorite shopping stop. Most are run by charities so not only are you getting a bargain, you are helping a good cause.

My favorite local thrift stores are:

ReStore – this shop is by “Habitat For Humanity. It has almost anything in it…you never know what you will find! In a later blogs I’ll be posting some to the things I’ve brought home and what I have done with them.

New Spring – supports the mission organization “Africa For Jesus”. It’s amazing what they have been able to do since they opened their shops.

Goodwill – in my town… it’s not the greatest. Has a tendency to be a bit junky and overpriced. But I have found some treasure – like my piece of pottery marked “Persia” (Iran before 1935). So I take a peek every so often.

Another way to buy resale is the old standby – yard sales. At the beginning of our “chick day” last weekend, Best Friend and I stopped at a yard sale. I scored some darling outfits (2 and 3 piece!) for my nephew for $1-$2 each and a pie plate for .50c.

Below are a few great blogs to get your creative juices flowing on how to redo treasures you might find at resale stores. You’ll never look at old furniture the same! Or lamps… mirrors… platters… jars…

And there are a few stores that while they are retail establishments, they sell overruns and end of season items at good discounts. Sometimes crazy discounts!

I am a dedicated TJ Maxx/Home Goods shopper!

So is my sweet niece Hanna!


  1. Never been to a Habitat store, but now I've gotta go. Thanks for the great hints!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry, Hannah just stole the show! I do like finding those bargains, too.

  3. Hey there, I know we've sort of danced around this subject before, but I support these endeavors, wholeheartedly.

    Funnily enough not in shopping at them, but I'm far more likely to be donating to them. Unless something is broken, or past the point of use, donating it is one of the best ways to help others, and charitable organizations.

    I know I'm preaching to the choir on that one, Teri, but I was just so thrilled to see this post because this is one of my pet causes.

    And Hannah is adorable!

  4. Thrift stores can be a great source for great bargains! I love vintage and antique finds.


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