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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Family Tradition moves to the next generation – German Pancakes

Himself is the breakfast maker of our family…he’s the morning lark. This owl isn’t safe to be around hot stoves in the morning! He’ll make waffles or French toast or a full egg breakfast and so on. But his specialty is something he calls “German Pancakes”. (Don’t know where the name came from…my best guess is that since his family makes them and they are German…). They are like a thick crepe. His family puts syrup on them. My family likes to put fruit or yogurt or sausage or other such stuffings in them, and then roll them like a blini.

Anyway, he offers to make them for everyone who would like…and my family likes! New brother-in-law was introduced to them last year and he immediately joined the fan club.

And now we have moved on to the newest generation… Little Bird (my niece). When we were up there in May, Little Bird was old enough to be able to join the family in a German Pancake breakfast

Her Uncle made a big deal of it.

She wasn’t quite sure what he was up to but it looked pretty good.

Yes… she sure enjoyed the pancakes.


  1. Those look good, but that sweetie takes the prize!

  2. Ah, here you are!

    Those pancakes look delectable and little Hanna is too cute for words!

    I scrolled down and was enchanted by the baby birds in the boot - I'm sending some of my bird-loving pals over to see the post now.


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