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Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Landscaping Project – Iris Bed

This area escaped my “curb appeal” work. To the left of the front porch is my iris and day lily bed.

It needs some help.

My day lilies are wanting some serious dividing. So I’m going to spread them out a bit. They kinda got dropped in a hole when I moved in.

And when I planted everything, I forgot to make a path to the water spigot.
Opps! That means I need to move a few iris too.

And this time, I’m going to pull out my mulch and put down some weed cloth. Have I ever mentioned I HATE WEEDING?

I know I’ll have to leave it open enough for the plants to spread but I can at least get the edges covered. I would love to find some affordable gravel (like granite chips) to use as mulch. Back home in MO you can get a truck load of it cheap. Here… I haven’t found it at a decent price. But I’ll keep looking.


  1. I wouldn't use gravel.. it won't do anything to keep weeds from growing, and you have a chance of catching it with the lawn mower (gravel missiles aren't fun)

  2. Oh, I love day lilies. That's going to be beautiful all in bloom!

  3. well, you are in tn, so maybe the crew could stop by. They eat a lot though! lol
    your plants are well on their way. they don't look near as bad as Jamie's did!
    good luck with the rest!


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