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Friday, June 11, 2010

Day Lily Explosion

My day lilies are coming in beautifully this year.

Dividing up the bed was going to be one of my projects for this month but I've been advised it would be best to do it in early fall. I don't need much encouragement to put off a yard chore until cooler weather!

So for now I'm just going to edge and mulch the bed and enjoy the show!


  1. Beautiful Lillies!
    Thanks for the visit and have a wonderful weekend ~~

    xoxo Laura

  2. Wow! Love the variety.

    The vast majority of my day lilies are the plain orange "ditch lilies" (the ones you see naturalized along the side of the road). I also have one yellow-flowering plant I bought a few years ago that I can finally divide this fall.

  3. Great flowers, you really have a green thumb. Thanks for sharing.


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