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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Renovation – Garage & Truck

With work on the shed progressing, I can turn my attention to the garage.

There are things in there that can now be put in the shed - where they belong. And out in the yard – where they belong.

Then I’ll be able to organize the things in the garage that belong in there! Oh happy day!!

Unfortunately… there are still things that belong in my office - like those frames. I’m working on it!

And since the truck “lives” in the garage, now is a good time to get it cleaned up and organized too.

Most of my summer projects are going to be a bit of a challenge for me. I’m going to be traveling a lot (I have a new nephew due late June/early July!) and I don’t work outside during the heat of the day… which in TN starts at about 11am and lasts to about 6pm. UGH!


  1. Oh, I wish I was as dedicated to projects that need to be done around my house! I work part time, and guess just too lazy to get started sometimes.... :P

  2. Ah, the garage! During a visit my dad helped me clear out part of mine a few years ago -- we could only get one car in it at the time. After paring down some of the boxes and junk we were able to get two cars in it at last. Every once in awhile my dad will ask me the test question: "Can you still get both of your cars in your garage?" I know I'll be in deep trouble if I ever have to tell him we can't, but it is getting tricky to maneuver around in there again so it's back on my list of things to do. Your ambition and projects are motivating, Teri!


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