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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My "Green Day" at the ReStore shop

On a recent trip to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore I hit the jackpot!!

First…as I walked thru the door…there they were. Barrels. 55 gallon plastic barrels. I quickly asked the clerk what had been in them. Glory be, it was soda syrup!! They are safe to use! And they are only $10 each! I snagged 4 of them. Rain barrel project coming up!

Only a few more feet into the store was a stack of logs. But they weren’t just any logs. These logs had been a project for Earth Day and were infused with mycelium from shiitake mushrooms. Growing mushrooms is something I’ve wanted to try. And at $10 a log, two came home with me. (I’ve seen them for sale in gardening catalogs at $20 and up for a 10” log).

This little project is going to be an exercise in patience. It takes 6 months to a year for the mushrooms to sprout but then you’ll get fresh mushroom every few months for up to 4 years. How cool is that?!

And finally I found this cute little butterfly house…a perfect addition for our bird & butterfly garden that is going in.


  1. Wow, that stuff is so cool! I didn't know you could grow mushrooms in a log! And a butterfly house--do you have to put something special in it? Can't wait to see it all in "action."

  2. Your Re-store has more interesting stuff than the ones I've visited! Good finds!

  3. great stuff! My hab re-store isn't the best. However when I visit my daughter in n'ville I go to both of them there.

  4. They just opened a Re-store here and it's only open on Th-F-S-Su, keep wanting to visit! Seeing your interesting finds, makes me eager to find out what kind of things we will see here! ~Lili


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