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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Goal - Frugal Scott

My goal for June is to set in motion frugal habits. I’m not talking about being a “penny pincher” or a miser but rather a mind set of being aware of the resources given to me and being a good steward of them. And in that awareness also being thankful for what I have.

This blog explains what I mean very well. “Frugality is the art of basing your financial decisions on the resources available to you. On the other hand, being cheap is the art of stinginess: the full-fledged averseness to spending money in any situation, even when the situation calls for it. Cheapness is usually at the expense of others, as well.”

For example, I might buy a beautiful rose bush at a nursery for $30. That doesn’t sound very frugal, does it? But if that color is just a perfect shade that makes me happy every time I see it, isn’t that a bargain? And if I get it planted quickly, keep it watered & fertilized, and make sure it’s de-bugged that is being a good steward of the plant and the money I spent on it.

I’ve mentioned this blog before in one of my Noteworthy blog posts. I like her common sense approach to being thrifty. Reminds me of the quote “We do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do. “ (The Great Debaters).

There is also a frugality of giving back to the world. We weren’t created to be takers… we were created to give. I’ll be exploring that idea also.

Should be an interesting month. No misers allowed!!

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  1. I like that difference between cheap and frugal. Looking forward to your posting. :)


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