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Friday, June 18, 2010

Saving Cash By Clipping

Another way I save a bit of money is with coupons. I did it a lot more in the past but after someone stole my coupon briefcase I didn’t make the effort to start a new one. It’s something I plan on working harder on.

First step is to make a new organizer. I don’t like the standard index card style as I find it too deep. In my organizing of my office and the garage I’m sure I’ll find something to use! Until then, the cheap little Dollar Tree accordion file will serve.

In clipping, I need to decide what products I am brand loyal to (Hunt’s tomato products) and what ones I really don’t care about (Ajax, Comet, Bon-Ami). It is pointless to clip them if you are not going to use them.

Besides the Sunday paper, I have signed up with several companies – like Proctor & Gamble – and they send me coupons both in the mail and by email. I’ve found the best way to do sign-ups it to set up a free email account (hotmail, yahoo, gmail). Almost every product now has a web site listed on the label. You’d be surprised at how many will send you coupons and offers.

And speaking of the internet, there are sites were you can go to print off coupons. I have never used them so I can’t say anything about them. I’d love to hear some feedback from anyone who does use them!

In addition, I will stock up when there is a good sale. I’ve put a shelf in my laundry room with food items and a shelf in my garage for cleaning/nonfood items.

Coupons aren’t limited to groceries either! Stores, restaurants and services now offer coupons – both by mail and internet. My favorite sushi restaurant regularly has coupons in a local advertisement for $2 off or a free order of edamame. My favorite crafting/decorating store very often has a 40% off coupon
I do my coupons in the evening while I’m relaxing and watching HGTV or Food Network. I would guess on the average I save about $5-$10 a week on things I was already going to purchase. And those high end percentages off coupons have saved me $40-$50.

And that is worth the effort!

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  1. I stopped using coupons for grocery store items (mostly) years ago. I do the "big" shopping at Aldi and fill in at the other stores (mainly meat and produce) and I still come out ahead.

    However, I rarely go out to eat without a coupon :-)


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