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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun Day at Forest Park

Trips to visit Little Bird and Little Hoss are always fun.  They change so much in-between my monthly visits.

This trip we multiplied the fun by taking them to the St. Louis zoo and having a picnic lunch in Forest Park afterwards.  Their mama was on spring break, so we got in some good ‘sister time’ too.

We went at the babies’ pace (ssslllooowww) so we didn’t see much of the zoo but what we did see was thru the happy eyes the kids. 

Little Bird was thrilled to see Rajah the elephant.  She made sure everyone knew *exactly* what an elephant sounds like! 

And she had fun pointing out the hippo to Little Hoss.

I’m not sure he knew what he was looking at.  The fish excited him.

Next stop was over at the children’s zoo.  We spent quite a bit of time in the goat pen. 

There are brushes for the kids to use on the goats.  Bird was a goat bushing machine!  EVERY single one of them had to be brushed before she considered leaving. 

The goats didn’t impress Little Hoss.  He’s more a chicken man. 

Over at the otter tank, an otter would give the kids a “high five” if their hand was on the glass when he made one of his loops past them.  He’d just gone past Hoss when I got this picture. 

Those two areas (The River’s Edge and the Children’s Zoo) were all we were able to see before the babies were hungry and tired.

Well… almost all.  Little Bird insisted we ride the zoo train before leaving.

Hoss was all for it.  He’s pure boy when it comes to his love of ‘big trucks’ and trains.

Lunch was in Forest Park near the lake.  It was a perfect spot with the water and large patches of daffodils blooming. 

Bird was more than ready to dig into her sandwich.

One of the fun things about a picnic is you get to eat junk food!  Little Hoss was in heaven with a cupcake in one hand and a chip in the other.  (Don’t get used to it boy!)  Auntie found out it wasn’t such a great idea to share Hostess cupcakes with toddlers… that whipped center is a MESS!

Wasn’t long tho before we had company.  Don’t you love Little Bird’s two-handed throwing technique?  What was she throwing at?

Visiting ducks…

…and geese!  (First well mannered Honkers I’ve ever seen.  Maybe they understood me when I told them one hiss and I’d be having roast goose for supper…).

After we finished lunch, Little Bird wanted to take time to smell the flowers.

And lay in them too!

This did not interest Little Hoss in the least bit!  There were rock mountains to be climbed!

Taking a break until his next ascent! 

What a fun day we all had.  Can’t wait to do it again when Himself comes home!

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  1. What a wonderful day to be outside!

  2. What a great group of fun pictures. My favorite for is the little girl with the sandwich at the picnic. Something about the composition and color and thoughtfulness she shows just gets to me.

  3. Zoo days are always such fun! I love the shot with the elephant.

  4. Wonderful pictures! There's nothing cuter than little kids experiencing nature's wonder at the zoo... I especially love the picture of the little girl with the flowers. :)


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