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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Hint of Summer

Who can resist a ripe peach?

I can’t… and that’s why these lovelies came home with me.

Now what should I do with them?

They are perfectly ripe and juicy.

Hmmmm… while I’m thinking about it, I’ll enjoy a crisp with peach jam.


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  1. Oh yum! You make me want peaches now :) Hope you enjoyed them!

  2. so not fair. now i'm hungry! your peaches look good enough to eat :)

  3. Lucky you to have found ripe peaches. Make a cobbler! Yum!

  4. Oh, yum!! They look delicious. I especially like the shot with a piece cut out of the peach.

  5. I love how you slipped a slice out of the peach to give it us a little sneak of the pit. Awesome!


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