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Sunday, March 4, 2012

WHAT Do You Want?!?!

Do you see this bird?  This stupid she-Cardinal has been trying to get in my living room for about a week.

She sees something she wants.

And is beating up my window trying to get it.

Every so often she stops... puts her face up close to the window and stares inside for a bit. Then the banging begins again...

I thought maybe she was hungry, so I put out some sunflower seeds. Nope.  She munched for a while… then was back at the window with renewed energy!

I have no idea what is so fascinating in my house...


  1. It couldn't be that male cardinal on the other side, huh? LOL....That's wild!

  2. Maybe she sees her reflection and thinks it's a rival. Try taping some paper to the window temporarily to stop the reflection and hopefully she'll find pastures new!


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