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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Eats - Adams Breezy Hill Farm in Princeton, KY

While I was at the arts and crafts contest last month, a group of us went out for lunch to a restaurant that was new to me.

It’s called “Adams Breezy Hill Farm” and is located just outside of Princeton, KY. 

My friend Bobbie T deciding what to have for lunch.  (OK, I’m now in trouble for putting this photo up!  LOL)

It’s a nice size restaurant with comfortably spaced seating. 

Lots of cute touches make it a fun place to visit with friends.

Isn’t this mantel great?

And this light made with knobs and spindles is so clever.

The board lists the specials of the day… from soup thru desserts and their homemade ice cream.  The food is soups, sandwiches, and burgers; so both the ladies and guys are satisfied with the selections.  There’s a kids menu too.
We shared one of the appetizers:  Breezy Apple Nachos- This is a bit sweeter, but healthier treat for kids and adults alike. We take a layer of sliced apples and then top them with peanut butter sauce, caramel, chocolate, raisins, chocolate chips, and crushed almonds. Delicious!!! $4.99"
Then I selected for my lunch:  Homemade Southern Pimento Cheese- Thick and hearty, full of flavor and a tiny spicy kick made with cheddar and Monterey jack cheese. Served on your choice of bread for $8.75 with chips and a side or just $7.25 with a side of chips.”  My side was “Grape Salad-Red and green grapes with pecans and a cream cheese dressing.”
Everything was delicious!  I’ll be taking Himself to Princeton for a day trip when he gets home.

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