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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nashville Lawn & Garden Show: Funky Fabulous

While I walked around the garden show, I started to wonder if I should be looking for Donna (   ) hiding somewhere in the background.  I hadn’t heard that she made a sneak trip to Nashville…

But it was looking “funky junk” all over the show halls!

Doesn’t this little porch make you want to sit down and kick your shoes off?

Look at that chippy red chair! 

Love the rusty bike and the daffodils.

Old and new in perfect contrast.

There was even a pallet wheelbarrow garage. 

OK Donna… I know you’re around here somewhere!

This little ‘general store’ playhouse is just too cute.

A washtub of flowers.

More pallets!  This one had herbs in it. 

An upcycled rain barrel for the garden.

An old mesh yard table is now a succulent garden. 

OK, this is one idea I thought was rather ill-conceived.  Too easy to get broken.  I can just see the stitches now…

Some sort of cool old chain repurposed into a rain chain.

And copper tubing and a flower pot becomes a fountain.

Even more formal patios had a touch of funky junk.

How cute is that?

This outdoor fireplace was decorated with old gears and cogs.

A tiny chapel like this will be going up in my little woods.

Even the floral arranging had some junky touches, like this barnwood framed succulents.

And this arrangement featuring a piece of hardware wire and a gutter piece. 

The show dealers had some fun things too.  Like these ‘peace’ful yard tools…

Posts, embellishments, and other odds and ends have been turned into darling garden folk.

Look at all this stuff.  Love that leaky bird bath turned into a fairy garden.

Metal, shutters, and burlap.

I know what I’m going to do with some of my old windows stashed in the attic!

The paper chain was made from old sheet music. 

But one booth may have out funkied Donna…


I don’t know, what do you think?

Is this the ultimate funky?

An Easter Island garden totem!!!
LOVE it! 


  1. Cool garden show.....and I am sure Donna was lurking there somewhere :0)

  2. Oh my... this is amazing! I think I need to get down to Nashville!! :)


  3. Wow, I always wanted to do a fairy garden!!!


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