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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jazzing It Up (Zero Dollar Decorating)

I took a class on making herbal vinegars and oils and was given this set as part of the class.  I don’t think you could find anything plainer than that!  So I decided to jazz it up a bit.

I broke out my tin of inexpensive beads for the project.  I enjoy digging around in it almost as much as I like beading!

It took a little while but I found enough beads that reminded me of seaglass to work with my design.

From there, I strung and wrapped all the way around the holder.  The pattern was almost random… I did have some conformity at the corners and handle to make it look ‘thought out’.

The bottles are wrapped in clear seed beads.  The ‘tags’ are drilled stone pendants and the ‘v’ and ‘o’ came from Hobby Lobby in the framing section – they are embellishments for photo mats (self sticking).
The tags slide off for washing and the rest can be hand washed, so it is completely functional.


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