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Monday, March 5, 2012

Nashville Lawn & Garden Show: From Formal to Casual (part 1)

This last week I made my annual trip to the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show.  It always gets me ready to get out in the yard and dig in the dirt!

Even as you step in, the flowers are everywhere.  And they continue thru the different ‘halls’.

Beautiful, aren’t they? 

The first hall is the designer’s area.  Here they create decks, patios, fountains, and all sorts of wonderful landscaping.

Lots and lots of water features.

I certainly wouldn’t mind having any one of those water gardens in my yard!

And there were landscaping idea too.

From ‘down home’…

… to an exotic Mayan theme.

Loved this cantilever table!

A farm supply company had baby ducks.

I would love to have some baby ducks… if they would fly away when they grew up! 

Every year there is a bird rehabilitation center with some of the birds they have saved but cannot release. 

Besides water… the building was full of fire. 

Fire pits…

Fire places…
And Fire water… 

This one was my favorite.  The picture doesn’t capture it well.  It starts with a fountain flowing from a stone… and becomes a stream running down a small slope.  But IN the stream are flames!!  They somehow have a gas line connection coming up thru the stream bed and flames are coming up around stones in the middle of the stream.  It was fabulous!

There were quite a few beautiful orchids; both on display and for sale. 

And one of my favorite displays is the formal floral arrangements.

Absolutely stunning.

The show had ideas that ranged from formal to casual.  But those weren’t the only ideas… in tomorrow’s post I will show you the fun and funky displays!

I guarantee it will make Donna’s heart dance!  LOL

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  1. just found your blog!!!! i am in love!!!! i also live here in Nashville. (well in Thompsons Station)Wish I would of gone to the "Nashville Lawn & Garden Show"! Will have to put it on my to do list next year, for sure!! quick question ... how do you get the background of the flowers(in this post) to be totally black??
    once again I love your post and will continue to follow


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