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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Few of a Thousand Reasons...

Yesterday Himself turned 55 and I have been blessed to spend 31 of those years with him.  Here are 23 things I love about this man of mine:
~ He likes to go for walks with me… even tho I walk slower than he wants to.
~He helps me do yard work that I don’t want to do… like digging holes.
~He cooks breakfast… even for Sasha!
~He makes me laugh.
~He’ll try new things… even if he already knows he probably won’t like it.
~Did I mention he makes me laugh?
~He helps me with my crazy adventures and experiments.
~He cares about other people.
~He doesn’t mind carrying things around for me.
~He LIKES to wash dishes!
~He will go strawberry picking with me.
~He leads a Bible study for our family.
~He cooks desserts!  From scratch!
~He rescues birds.
~He carries a LOT of things for me…
~He loves being with the babies.
~He stops for chocolate…
~He loves exploring new places.
~He takes classes with me.
~He encourages my gardening and creative projects.
~He takes me on the BEST vacations!
~He loves to climb mountains... and doesn't mind that I don't.
~And he loves me absolutely.
Happy Birthday my Love! 


  1. What a beautiful birthday tribute to the man you love ♥♥♥

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful Tribute to Your LOVE OF YOUR LIFE for his Birthday .

    Happy Birthday Guy! Sid and Carol Ann From Canada. Health and happpines continues. God bless you.

    I got the same kind of man so faithful of 51 years married.

    My man loves the Lord and is reading the word daily and I as

    as well.

    KEEPER's are Blessings. God bless's men who are the leaders of the home that Love God.

    And shows love to the family as your Man does.

    What a lovely read on your blog today.


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