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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Little 'Chic' Fun

Yesterday morning Himself and I met Best Friend at a fun ‘barn sale’ out in the country.  The cool weather made it a bit chilly but it was so worth it!
All the photos were taken by Himself… as Best Friend and I were busy shopping!!
And there was a lot of shopping to be done!  Here’s a bit of eye candy to enjoy…
A few of the vendors really stood out to me.  They were:
Kellie Montana Art - 
Blackberry House - 


  1. I have a unique store about 5 minutes walk from myplace.

    They had an opening a month ago. It is called

    the Bee Art of everything you can think of all

    hand made. Very different and creative.Even

    beautiful hand necklaces, braclets.Very trendy

    costume jewlery.

    Anyhow. In comes a lady with her camera dressed

    real Trendy. She goes

    from item to item. Click,click. I mean

    everyone is having heads turned at her.

    The owner comes up to her. Pardon but I prefer

    you do not use your camera . Thank you.

    One would think. Puf on you owner but on second thoughts. I am sure this lady was getting ideas

    to make things who took the pictures. She took

    pictures I say from every nook in the store.

    What do you think?

    Was she the owner in her right? Anyhow the lady

    with the camera turned to the owner and said out

    loud. Nice assortment. Walked out.

    Ooh glad you had a nice look around in your

    little cornor of the world.

    1. The boothes he photographed up close, I asked if it was OK and told them I would like to put it on my blog. The four featured businesses were ones I showed close-ups of their fun things.


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