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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Straw Potato Results Are In!

Remember back the beginning of June when Himself and I put in ‘the world’s smallest potato garden’?  
The straw was about halfway up the cage when I stopped piling it on.  And recently it was time to find out what happened under all that straw!
And it wasn’t much!  Five potatoes.
Five tiny potatoes.
Really tiny potatoes!
But for the sake of stubborn  ~LOL~  we cooked them up! 
I couldn’t believe that ALL of them could hide under one pat of butter!
However, they were the tastiest little potatoes we’ve ever had. 
OK, we’re not sure if the whole principle of ‘straw potatoes’ is a fail or if the brutally hot and dry summer was the reason.  There were NO potatoes up in the straw section; those five were found in the dirt area we set the potato starts on.
But we are going to try again next year with more cages and different planting methods.  In fact, I have several gardening experiments to try next year!

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  1. My friend had her second experience with planting potatoes.

    This year it was hot but her potatoes were plentiful.

    Her main problem in her garden. Was the deer. So hubby and her put up a big wire fence.

    Not sure if I have known people to do potatoes that way as you have.



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